For you ecom lovers, I listed out the main ecommerce communities (groups) on facebook, in descending order of number of members.

If you’re looking for a very engaged group focused on increasing your store’s conversion rate, make sure to join my group Ecom Convert!

Here’s the list of the top ecommerce Facebook groups.

Group # Members Category
Facebook Ad Hacks 130,039 Ads
Facebook Ad Buyers 101,193 Ads
Shopify Entrepreneurs 100,578 Shopify
Ecom Empires 85,651 Ecommerce
Shopify Dropfiy for Entrepreneurs 85,114 Shopify
eCommerce Elites Mastermind 80,883 Ecommerce
The Amazing Seller 58,955 Amazon FBA
Cener Ecommerce Mastermind 50,700 Ecommerce
Ecom & Etsy Sellers 50,575 Ecommerce marketing
eCom Mastermind (Gabriel St-Germain) 48,645 Ecommerce
Online Samurais 42,615 Ecommerce
Ecommerce Entrepreneurs 41,709 Ecommerce
Kingpinning 39,123 Ecommerce
EcomHunt (Official) 36,921 Product research
Ecom Insiders – Shopify $100k Mastery (James Beattie) 36,227 Shopify
eCom Dropshipping for Entrepreneurs 32,901 Dropshipping
Facebook Ads Rockstars 32,840 Ads
Shopify Mastery – 6 Figure Shopify Group 30,881 Shopify
Shopify, Ecom & Facebook Ads Community (Trackify 8-Figure Mastermind) 28,411 Ecommerce
Shopify Ecommerce Group 25,820 Shopify
Ecom Royals 25,670 Ecommerce
Advanced WooCommerce 25,125 WooCommerce
EcommerceMindset 22,317 Ecommerce
Dropshipping & Shopify | France 20,236 Shopify
Grow & Sell 16,036 Shopify
7-Figure Ecommerce Secrets (Facebook Ads For Ecom, Shopify & Dropshipping) 14,923 Shopify dropshipping
VerumEcom 13,519  
Ecom Dropshipping Lifestyle Mastermind (Ricky Hayes) 11,795 Dropshipping
Beast Of Ecom Shopify Mastermind 11,597 Shopify
Ecommerce Empire Builders 10,793 Ecommerce
eCommerce Squad 10,645 Ecommerce
CXL – Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Growth 7,962 CRO | Amazon FBA Group 7,907 Amazon FBA
The Ecommerce Group 6,689 Ecommerce
Magento Ecommerce Solutions 4,650 Magento
WordPress eCommerce 4,412 WordPress Ecommerce
The Ecom King & Queens Mastermind 4,217 Ecommerce
e-commerce online business owners tips and tricks 4,157 Ecommerce
Facebook Ads for eCommerce Growth | by 3,034 Ads
Mastermind Shopify Group 2,883 Shopify
Ecom Explorers 2,011 Ecommerce
eCommerce Marketing Tips 1,483 Ecommerce marketing
Ecom Dropshipping Entrepreneurs 1,473 Dropshipping
eCommerce Growth 7 & 8-Figures Mastermind by AdKings – FB Ads, CRO, Emails 990 Ads

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