Offer multiple payment methods

Typical payment methods include credit card, PayPal Google Pay, and Apple Pay. In regards to PayPal, roughly half the stores I looked at (see the table below in the examples) offer an express PayPal checkout with a CTA button at the same place as the normal ‘Checkout’ button (in the cart). And the other half […]

Offer upsells and/or cross-sells when adding a product to cart

Here’s a good example of how to offer upsells/cross-sells when adding to cart. This was extracted from a video shared by awesome dude and knowledgeable CRO expert Raphael Paulin-Daigle on his LinkedIn.   See the other two ways he talks about by watching his video on LinkedIn:   Make sure those recommendations are very relevant […]

Allow users to purchase temporarily out-of-stock products

I found that “Email Me” buttons or waitlists are ineffective for out-of-stock products. Allow instead users to purchase temporarily out-of-stock products, warn them, and increase the delivery time. Also prominently display product alternatives. For discontinued or deprecated products, do not allow them to buy it, and focus solely on promoting product alternatives. Below is the […]

Aim to have 10+ customer reviews for each product

If a big percentage of your products with zero reviews, that can hurt your conversions.   I often recommend in the mini-teardowns and audits I do to aim to get 10+ reviews per product, which I believe is enough for shoppers to make an informed decision.   You might say… sure, but how?   Here […]

Add unboxing, explainer or promo videos to your product pages

Video appears in 70% of the top 100 search results listings, and viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video. (source) Here’s a good article by Shopify about video   Giant store IKEA does NOT have product videos… Knowing the power and impact of video, that is usually something […]

Have multiple high quality product images for each product

Having beautiful relevant quality images is more important than the product information, a long description and ratings & reviews.   According to MDG, here’s the breakdown of what customers said is important to them: Quality of a product image – 67% Product-specific information – 63% Long description – 54% Ratings and reviews – 53%   […]

Feature products, bundles or deals at the top of category pages

Amazon helps their shoppers reduce the number of options to choose from. They have multiple sections at the top of the category page with featured products:   best sellers top rated recommended for you most wished for most gifted hot new releases   Do you feature some of your products on your store in your […]

Display these product attributes in category pages

The attributes below are a must. Image Title Price Star rating + # ratings Product variations, if any (typically in the form of color swatches)   If your products are heavy on specs, you might opt for a List View instead of a Grid View, in which case you can show more attributes than those […]