Add a Live Chat to quickly answer your visitors’ questions

A study by Econsultancy from 2013 of 5,700+ online consumers revealed that 83% of online shoppers need support to complete a purchase.  They also found that 31% of shoppers expect an immediate response, and 40% expect a response within 5 min.  31% immediately 40% within 5 min 11% within 30 min 5% within an hour […]

Add social proof and build trust

Unless your store is a big established brand that most people already know about, building social proof and trust is a must. On the homepage, you can add elements such as: site-wide testimonials (not product-specific) “As Seen On” logos facebook likes number of customers number of reviews how long you’ve been open awards   On […]

Offer personalized recommendations

Those can be based on their previous orders and interests. NN/g recommends prioritizing them over more generic recommendations. Put that ‘Recommended For You’ section high up on the homepage. (source)   Specify how you came up with those personalized recommendations. A good example is Netflix:   Amazon suggests products based on products you viewed:   […]

Feature your top categories (with images) right below the fold on the homepage

After getting introduced to your value proposition with a ‘hero section’ at the top of the homepage, the next step is to help them decide where to go on your site (which category to open). A list of main categories serves that purpose. I recommend: Putting it directly below the hero section, or at least […]

Offer free shipping or free shipping above a threshold

Extra costs too high (shipping, tax, fees) is the #1 reason for cart abandonment, according to Baymard (source) If your shipping is not free, you could offer something like this: If you don’t get your product in 24 hours, we’ll pay for the shipping! For more information on free shipping, see best practices #1, #3 […]

Avoid automatic carousels in your homepage’s hero section

Opt instead for user-initiated carousels, if any.   On the homepage above the fold, avoid carousels altogether. What I usually recommend is to either have a static background image or a slowly moving background video, especially if it is well-integrated with the text & CTA(s) above. I wrote an article on my blog about the […]

Optimize your website performance (loading speed)

Performance and conversion are inextricably connected.   According to Unbounce, 1 out of 5 shoppers will abandon their loaded shopping cart if they perceive the pages as being too slow. (source)   According to AnnexCloud, a slow website can increase abandonment by 75%, and loyalty drops 50% when your site is slow. (source)   AliExpress […]

Place a search box prominently in the header

Especially if you have a high quantity of products, an accessible search is crucial to a good user experience, and making it easy for users to find what they want from your store.   It doesn’t get much better than IKEA’s layout when it comes to having a search box prominently placed in the header.

Increase the perceived security of your checkout page

According to Baymard, 18% of shoppers (from 1044 respondents in US) abandon their cart because they do not trust the site with their credit card information. The tips below are especially important if your store is NOT a large brand such as Apple, Microsoft or Walmart. Encapsulate the credit card fields with a solid background […]

List your main product categories in your menu’s level 1

One of the biggest issues I see when looking at stores (especially newer ones) is the lack of categories in the header. I recommend listing your main product categories in your menu’s level one. Show them directly in the menu (on both desktop and mobile). In my experience, you can usually fit up to 10 […]