Founded in 2016 by Parvez Panjwani, Safety Gear Pro sells a variety of high-quality gears such as safety glasses, PPE, harnesses, and more.  They also specialize in prescription sports safety eyewear for a variety of sports. The company’s main goal is to provide customers with increased safety while working or enjoying their favorite activities. 

Between December 2019 and May 2020, the Safety Gear Pro website registered a total visit of 100K+ of which the United States accounts for more than 70%, and 70%+ of their traffic is organically driven through Google searches. Their high-quality products, affordable rates, and dedication to safety have also helped Safety Gear Pro establish a loyal customer base.

Objective: data showed that the site search was amongst those elements on the website that provided high conversions. However, the percentage of visitors using the site search was considerably low.

Hypothesis: increasing the site search bar’s usage and improving the experience would result in increased purchases.

Solution: To test the aforementioned hypothesis, the size of the site search bar was increased so it could be highlighted more and was easily discoverable by the visitors. This test, with the variation as the winner, resulted in an 8.33% increase in purchases. 



We had several hypotheses going into our engagement and VWO helped us test those and they brought a good deal of their own after studying our user behavior.


Through VWO Services powered testing, Safety Gear Pro was able to improve user experience and key metrics significantly. The new experiences delivered to the users resulted in an overall conversion rate improvement of 11.84%. Safety Gear Pro not only always tests as a rule, but they also follow an iterative approach of testing to find their website’s most optimized version with superior experience delivered.


20.4% increase in Thank You Page visits

The new experiences delivered to the users resulted in an overall conversion rate improvement of 11.84%.


Improving the visibility of the main CTA

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