A popular destination travel company with a large number of visitors and good sales felt that it could do better. It wondered if improving its deal page (that essentially needed the visitors to fill up a form) could result in an increased conversion rate.

Essentially, the travel company wanted more people to fill out the form on its deal page and move forward in their buying journey. They observed that the form was a long one with 8 fields (all compulsory) and a multi-column layout. Furthermore, analytics showed that the majority of the website’s users used mobile devices for interacting with it.

It was hypothesized that removing the number of required form fields and making other sections of the form optional would reduce friction for the user and in turn improve conversion rate.


26% increase in CR

Users do not tend to fill a large number of fields. Two variations with 8 opened fields showed the same CR, less than the CR of Variation 2.


Performing site-wide UI and UX polishing

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