“Trust” is something that we recommend eCommerce stores work on continuously. What works to build trust today may not work as well later on. The only proof to find out is through testing.

This test was exclusive to McAfee vs. TrustedSite because the control was an existing McAfee trust badge. The full test consisted of:

Control: Existing McAfee badges.
Variation 1: Replace all existing McAfee badges with TrustedSite badges.
Variation 2: No floating badges, replace cart and checkout badges with TrustedSite badges.
Variation 3: No trust badges.


8.72% increase in conversion rate (93% confidence)

On the four enterprise e-commerce websites these seals were tested on, TrustedSite repeatedly displayed a conversion lift when pitted against Norton and/or McAfee.


Adding trust badges (Norton/McAfee)

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