Grene, a leading technical supplier for farming, has been present on the Polish market for 17 years. It offers parts for tractors and farming equipment, goods for animal production, protective clothing, small-sized equipment, household products, and tools, all in its online shop and 100 affiliate shops.

Challenge: Overturning the recent conversion rate and revenue decrease due to a site design overhaul.

During the analysis, it became clear that the percentage of users who move from product descriptions to the shopping cart in the Grene online store dropped by about 17% relative to benchmarks. Normally, this would increase the effectiveness of the subsequent steps considerably, but not in this case! Although there were far fewer users in the shopping cart than expected, only about 6% of them proceeded to the next step. Furthermore, the final step was problematic, as about 12% more users were expected to proceed to the order confirmation page after placing an order.




11.5% increase in CR

Changes often accumulate during a large redesign, which alters the whole website at once. Usually such projects are significantly prolonged, budgets are exceeded and results do not meet expectations. Instead of increases, shops register decreased conversion rates and user satisfaction.


Adding a 100% privacy line to the sign up form

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