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Provide auto-suggestions as users are typing in the search box

As they click into the search box… a good practice is to show their previous search history, and possibly popular searches.   As they start typing… You can show suggested searches, categories, and/or products.   Mispellings The auto-suggestions and results should account for common misspellings. For example, if they type ‘dreses’ it should suggest results […]



Add relevant search filters

For stores with 50+ products Having either a category filter (when searching) or search filters in the results page is especially important for stores with over 50 products or so.



Always return search results

If the user searches for a product your store doesn’t have, showing an empty page leads them nowhere and can cause frustration. And frustration can make them bounce away from your store. Include some of the following components alternate queries similar to the query searched for category suggestions based on the query personalized product recommendations […]



Show previous searches before they start typing

As the user clicks in the search box (so before they start typing something), the idea here is to give them some suggestions and get back to a previous search they submitted.  Showing popular searches isn’t a feature as frequently found on online stores, but it is definitely something to test.



First list products in search results

Unless users are looking specifically for a page such as your returns policy or one of your categories, then they’re looking for a product. Product searches constitute most of the searches, whether they look for a product keyword or a symptom, and thus products should be shown first in the search results. Again, that’s unless […]


Allow users to search within their current category

You have four options Option 1: Give an auto-complete option to search in the current category Option 2: Auto-update the search field to the current category (Search Scope) Option 3: Search in the current category by default, but add a dropdown in the results page to change the scope of the search Option 4: Add […]


Automatically redirect to important pages

When searching… When users are searching for Returns, Shipping, Order Tracking, and such, they should be redirected to hat page.   Adidas When you type in for example ‘returns’, it automatically redirects to the Returns page.  The problem though is that it first shows the search results page with no results and after a couple […]