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#104 Allow users to search within their current category

Option 1: Give an auto-complete option to search in the current category Option 2: Auto-update the search field to the current category (Search Scope) Option 3: Search in the current category by default, but add a dropdown in the results page to change the scope of the search Option 4: Add a “Search Within” dropdown […]

#20 Always return search results

So if the user searches for a product you do not have in your store, suggest other related, relevant, or popular products. To be more precise, your No Results page can include some of the following components: contact information (phone number, email, chat) and other help links category suggestions based on the query alternate queries […]

#17 Provide auto-suggestions as users are typing in the search box

As soon as the user clicks/taps into the search box, a good practice is to show their previous search history, and popular searches. As they start typing, you can show suggested searches, categories, and/or products. The auto-suggestions and results should account for common misspellings. For example, if they type ‘dreses’ it should suggest results for […]