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Test Web Push Notifications

Push notification This is what web push notification (with Chrome) can look like.  That notification comes from in case you want to check it out for yourself.   Triggered mobile push notifications From a 2016 study, triggered mobile push notifications drive 2,770 percent higher conversion rates for the same number of sends as compared […]


Make your popups contextual and relevant

10 mistakes to avoid with popups (By Nielsen Norman Group – source)   1. Showing a popup before the page content loads This is especially bad on mobile, as Google penalizes sites with interruptive popups. Give visitors some value first, and trigger the popup only when it’s relevant for the user. The exceptions to this […]


Test purchase notifications

15% increase in CR? According to TrustPulse, activity notifications (such as purchases by other shoppers) have been shown to increase conversions by up to 15%. These typically appear in a small popup as purchases happen, at the bottom of the screen.   Types of activities There are different types of activities you can notify your […]


Send cart abandonment emails and/or SMS

Cart abandonment rate According to SaleCycle, the cart abandonment rate in 2016 was about 75% across all regions. (source) Baymard mentions it is 69.57%, based on 41 studies, and that stat was last updated in September 2019.   Abandonment emails Cart abandonment emails are one way to convert some of those people who left their […]


Send a relevant account registration email

A welcome email The welcome email is your first touch point via email with your prospects or customers, so it will set the tone for your communication with them. Make sure it contains some or all of the components below: Your logo Links to the main product categories Links or buttons to access the account, […]