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#196 Offer and promote a generous refund policy

Allowing your shoppers to return for free the products they bought builds trust with them. It lowers their fear of making the wrong purchase, as they know that they can easily return them if needed, at no cost. Add a mention in your header or footer, and possibly on your product pages. I also recommend […]

#175 Give navigation options on your 404 page

Similarly to how you present your main categories in the homepage’s categories section. Turn a potentially bad experience into an opportunity for branding and forwarding the customer to what they’re looking for.

#174 Choose brand colors and style that attract your desired audience

Choose a font that fits your company’s personality, such as ‘serious’ or fun’ Color increases brand recognition. (source)     Some other thoughts on this topic: Make it legible and memorable Incorporate the domain name and store name which should be the same Keep it simple, avoid photography and 3D graphics.

#163 Answer customer questions quickly

Customers are impatient. Aim to answer questions in 10 minutes or less.  Ideally in seconds (for the first message at least), depending on the channel. Live Chat should be more responsive than email and phone.. (Source)   (Source)  

#156 Auto-apply discount codes or at least keep them handy

If your store has a promotion with a discount code, why not show the code at the top so that they have it handy when they end up in the checkout? Even better, if possible for your store, auto-apply the discount code in the checkout once they opted in for it somewhere on the site.

#155 Analyse your shoppers’ behavior

With a tool like Hotjar, Lucky Orange, Full Story, look at recordings of user sessions and uncover usability issues. These issues are likely lowering your conversions.

#153 Offer free shipping or free shipping above a threshold

Extra costs too high (shipping, tax, fees) is the #1 reason for cart abandonment, according to Baymard (source) If your shipping is not free, you could offer something like this: If you don’t get your product in 24 hours, we’ll pay for the shipping! For more information on free shipping, see best practices #1, #3 […]

#148 Optimize your store for mobile (or create a separate mobile experience)

A few stats about mobile ecommerce: According to Shopify, mobile traffic now accounts for 50% of visits, and about 35% of purchases. During the 2018 holiday season, about a third of online purchases came from smartphone users. On Black Friday, with 6.2 billion in online revenue, 40% of sales came via a mobile device. During […]

#147 Have an About Us page, share your story

Share your story, make it personal Add photos and video Highlight your team, with photos Talk about your charity initiatives Use visual hierarchy and supportive images to help your users consume the information. If you have a lot of About content, have an overview page with links or buttons to sub-pages.