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Make your featured product carousels user-friendly

Amazon homepage carousels This is how Amazon implements product carousels (on their homepage) on desktop.    Some observations: Clicking a Previous or Next button scrolls by several products, not just one The scrolling bar makes it much easier to scan quickly through the products A common shortcut on desktop for horizontal scrolling is shift+mousewheel, but […]


Offer personalized recommendations

High up NN/g recommends prioritizing them over more generic recommendations. Put that ‘Recommended For You’ section high up on the homepage. (source)   Tell them how Specify how you came up with those personalized recommendations. They can be based on their previous orders and interests. At a minimum, mention that these recommendations are ‘Based on […]



Add sub-category links

  In the homepage categories section These links help users decide which path they should take to find the product they want It also helps returning users bypass intermediate pages and go directly to the sub-sub-category they want.   Not common I looked at 55 of the top ecom stores, and haven’t found a single […]



Add urgency elements

Urgency elements include limited quantity limited time contextual offers   Too many sales The decision to offer sales depends on your industry and brand. Having too many sales and discounts can devalue your brand.



Make your homepage long and rich

That said, loading speed is something to keep an eye on. So you will have to make some compromises to keep the page loading quickly, while offering a great experience.   Some suggested sections to have Hero, to introduce your store (see BP #23 and BP #27) Unique selling points, to differentiate your store (see […]



Add social proof and build trust

Unless your store is a big established brand that most people already know about, building social proof and trust is a must. On the homepage, you can add elements such as: site-wide testimonials (not product-specific) “As Seen On” logos facebook likes number of customers number of reviews how long you’ve been open awards   Social […]



Feature some products after your featured categories

On the homepage, featured categories are much more important than featured products (read more about featured categories, BP#28) But showcasing a few products helps get a sense of what you’re offering, and potentially get users curious about one of them. User-controlled carousels are usually good for this. Alternatively, you can have a static list.



Feature your top categories right below the fold

A sign post to direct your users After getting introduced to your value proposition with a ‘hero section’ at the top of the homepage, the next step is to help them decide where to go on your site (which category to open). A list of main categories serves that purpose.   I recommend: Putting it […]



Avoid automatic carousels in your homepage’s hero section

On the homepage above the fold, avoid carousels altogether. A quickly rotating image distracts attention away from the CTA button. What I usually recommend is to either have a static background image or a slowly moving background video, especially if it is well-integrated with the text & CTA(s) above. I wrote an article on my […]



Present specific unique selling points

How is your store differentiated and better? “Unique selling points” are essentially things that are great and unique about your store and its user experience. It’s a good idea to present two or three selling points above the fold or at least somewhere on your homepage.   Unique selling points are for example: 60-day return […]