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#177 Make your featured product carousels user-friendly

This is how Amazon implements product carousels (on their homepage) on desktop.    Some observations: Clicking a Previous or Next button scrolls by several products, not just one The scrolling bar makes it much easier to scan quickly through the products A common shortcut on desktop for horizontal scrolling is shift+mousewheel, but that is not […]

#169 Offer personalized recommendations

Those can be based on their previous orders and interests. NN/g recommends prioritizing them over more generic recommendations. Put that ‘Recommended For You’ section high up on the homepage. (source)   Specify how you came up with those personalized recommendations. A good example is Netflix:   Amazon suggests products based on products you viewed:   […]

#32 Add social proof and build trust

Unless your store is a big established brand that most people already know about, building social proof and trust is a must. On the homepage, you can add elements such as: site-wide testimonials (not product-specific) “As Seen On” logos facebook likes number of customers number of reviews how long you’ve been open awards   On […]

#27 Avoid automatic carousels in your homepage’s hero section

Opt instead for user-initiated carousels, if any.   On the homepage above the fold, avoid carousels altogether. What I usually recommend is to either have a static background image or a slowly moving background video, especially if it is well-integrated with the text & CTA(s) above. I wrote an article on my blog about the […]