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#209 Highlight the current navigation path the user is in

By navigation path, I mean the menu items in the header (or burger menu) that lead to the current page. For example: Level 1 (directly shown in your main menu): Electronics Level 2: Accessories Level 3: Phone Cases   And even if they know the path they took because they started on the homepage and […]

#159 Header icons should be easy to understand at first glance

Two out of IKEA’s three icons are confusing.   On desktop it’s possible to add alternate text which shows when hovering the mouse on the icon, but not on mobile. So I think a better approach is to not use confusing icons in the first place by not deviating too much from standard icons for […]

#157 Add a store locator link prominently

You might say, “isn’t Google Maps enough?” Users still turn to your store website to confirm your opening hours and holidays when you’re closed. And if they’re already on your store when they need to locate your store, their next logical step is to open your store locator, and not go on Google Maps.  If […]

#152 Simplify your logo on mobile

There’s less space on mobile. The ideal solution is to have a logo already so simple that it is just as clear on desktop and mobile. But perhaps that’s not your case. An easy solution to that is to simplify it. If on desktop it contains a slogan underneath, remove it on mobile. Make sure […]

#16 Place a search box prominently in the header

Especially if you have a high quantity of products, an accessible search is crucial to a good user experience, and making it easy for users to find what they want from your store.   It doesn’t get much better than IKEA’s layout when it comes to having a search box prominently placed in the header.

#15 On mobile, the burger menu should be easy to close

That usually means that the left swiping gesture and tapping outside of the menu panel should close it. If there is an X button, it should be big enough to be easy to click. I often see burger menus on mobile where the X icon to close it is in a totally different spot than […]

#14 Make your header sticky or semi-sticky

Semi-sticky means that it re-appears when scrolling back up. A sticky or semi-sticky header makes visitors not have to scroll all the way up to go to another page or do another search. You can also simplify the sticky or semi-sticky header that shows up as the user is scrolling back up, and then show […]