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Offer upsells and/or cross-sells when adding a product to cart

An example from Raphael Here’s a good example of how to offer upsells/cross-sells when adding to cart. This was extracted from a video shared by CRO expert Raphael Paulin-Daigle on his LinkedIn.   See the other two ways he talks about by watching his video on LinkedIn:   Relevance, relevance, relevance In the example below […]



When clicking “Add to Cart”, open a modal panel

Don’t redirect to the cart This is actually one of Google’s best practices for mobile retail. If generally your visitors only buy a single product, I understand the temptation to redirect them directly to the cart. However, that breaks their expectation of an Add to Cart button. One solution is to switch the call to […]



Allow users to set a quantity of zero (0)

Delete the product Setting the quantity to zero should delete the product from their cart.   Auto-update the cart Auto-update the cart as soon as it’s changed. See best practice #207 about the cart being auto-updated with any quantity change.


Make your shopping cart persistent

A frustrating experience Many of your shoppers will browse for a while, add items to cart, leave, and come back at a later time to complete their purchase. If they come back and their cart is now empty, that creates a lot of frustration. 


Offer upsells and/or cross-sells on the cart page or panel

Personalized To be clear, I’m referring here to the cart page or slide-in panel when they’re accessing the cart (typically from the cart icon in the header). The more personalized and relevant the suggestions, the better. These recommended products can be the same as shown in the modal or slide-in panel when adding to cart. […]


Display the image and relevant attributes for each product

In the cart From a quick glance at their cart, it should be easy for shoppers to recognize the items they added. So a product image is a must, along with attributes such as the fabric, the size, etc. This is especially important for configurable products. This also applies to the modal window or side […]


Repeat your unique selling points in the cart

Reassure them Reiterate why your users are shopping with you. Reassure them by reinforcing your unique selling points, such as your free shipping, free returns, money back guarantee, next day delivery, etc. You can also do this in the modal or panel that opens when adding to cart.


Allow users to save their cart for later

Cross-device shopping One of the main reasons why this is needed is so they can continue their shopping experience on another device. Oftentimes, they’ll shop on mobile and purchase on desktop. See best practice #90 for more details on that.   Continuing later Another reason why users save their cart for later is to make […]


Auto-update the cart when a quantity is changed

No Update button Allow users to simply change any quantity without having to click ‘Update cart’ every time. Avoid putting an ‘Edit Cart’ button also.     Quantity of zero See best practice #89 in regards to setting a quantity to zero (0).


Show the cutoff time as a countdown timer

Countdown label Order in the next 37 minutes to receive your order by Thursday May 28th   Where? This can be displayed either in the Product page, the Cart, or the Checkout. It typically accompanies the selection of shipping type, and is especially relevant for premium shipping options.