#26) On mobile, avoid full-page popups that interrupt the shopping experience

Make sure they take no more than 15% of the screen, and are easy to dismiss. Actually, Google now penalizes intrusive popups on mobile, and so it is recommended to keep them to maximum 15% of the screen, and make them easy to dismiss. To be more precise, read Google’s original announcement about it. So there are some cases where large popups on mobile are still ...

#29) Help visitors choose the right product

This can be done with a guide, questionnaire, wizard…

#33) Add user-generated content (UGC)

This can be an instagram feed on the homepage, and/or user photos and videos on specific product pages.

#65) Test urgency elements

Urgency elements include limited quantity, limited time, and contextual offers.

#90) Support cross-device shopping

Users should be able to continue on another device by emailing their cart or saving it for later.

#97) Avoid breaking Back button expectations

Consider these four elements as “new pages”, so that clicking the Back button will behave as expected: Overlays & lightboxes (Back button closes it) Filtering and sorting (Back button goes back to the previous filtering or sorting values) Multi-step checkouts (Back button goes back to the previous step) AJAX pagination (Back button goes back to the previous p...

#100) Link to all depicted products in inspirational images

Add ‘+’ buttons on inspirational product images which open an overlay dialog with more details on the product selected. If the image only showcases one product, a text link underneath it is sufficient. An app such as this one (if you’re on Shopify) might do the trick: https://apps.shopify.com/image-hotspots-by-widgetic

#134) Offer the possibility to return products in-store, in addition to a return-by-mail option

According to Baymard, about 20% of users prefer returning a product directly to the store or a physical location. “In-store” can be in your brand store, at the post  office and/or at the UPS  location, and it should obviously be free. Present that option visually equally to the mail option.

#146) Optimize your website performance (loading speed)

Performance and conversion are inextricably connected. Amazon has shown that each 100ms of latency costs them 1% in sales. Walmart chalks up an extra 2% conversions with every second of performance improvement. Any online shopper will tell you that faster is better than slower. A 2013 study of the effects of mobile web performance on user emotional engagement found th...

#147) Have an About Us page, share your story

Make it personal, add video, highlight your people. Use visual hierarchy and supportive images to help your users consume the information. If you have a lot of About content, have an overview page with links or buttons to sub-pages.

#148) Optimize your store for mobile (or create a separate mobile experience)

According to Shopify, mobile traffic now accounts for 50% of visits, and about 35% of purchases. During the 2018 holiday season, about a third of online purchases came from smartphone users. On Black Friday, with 6.2 billion in online revenue, 40% of sales came via a mobile device. During Cyber Monday (7.9 billion), 54% of visitors and 30% of purchases came from mobil...