#2) On mobile, add a Link Bar

Put it right below your header to feature some of your main product categories. Growth Rock saw a 5% increase with 93% statistical significance by adding a Link Bar.

#24) Place a clear & descriptive call-to-action button above the fold

Avoid labels such as “Shop Now”, “Continue”, … ). Depending on your store structure, you may want to have more than one CTA (for example, “Shop Men’s Shoes” and “Shop Women’s Shoes”)

#25) Unique selling points should be specific

For example, “60 Days Return Policy”. Typically, it’s a good idea to present two or three selling points above the fold.

#27) Avoid automatic carousels

Opt instead for user-initiated carousels, if any. On the homepage above the fold, avoid carousels altogether.

#32) Add social proof on the homepage

For example: testimonials, “As Seen On” logos, facebook likes… anything that builds credibility.

#99) Add sub-sub-category links to help users decide which path they should take to find the product they want

It also helps returning users bypass intermediate pages and go directly to the sub-sub-category they want. I looked at 55 of the top ecom stores, and haven’t found a single one that is doing this. However, most of them have at least a thumbnail to illustrate the category, and several of them also added a label.