#43) Have relevant dynamic sorting and filters in the product category pages

Avoid or offer explanations for industry-specific or ambiguous filters Have visual filters if the values are visually driven Allow users to combine multiple filtering values of the same type

#45) Add urgency elements to category pages

Show how much they save on sale items, and have limited quantity or limited time offers.

#47) Avoid pagination in category pages

Avoid infinity scrolling. On desktop, use a combination of lazy loading and a “Load More” button. Show about 10-30 products on page load, and then lazy-load another 10-30 products as they scroll down, until they reach 50-100 products. Then, display a “Load more” button and repeat. On mobile, show 15-30 on page load, then show a “Load More” button. When the...

#91) Highlight items that are in the shopper’s cart

Add a label or replace the “Add to Cart” button with “View Cart”. You can also update those added items to allow shoppers to change the quantity, and/or include links to additional products or matching accessories.

#94) Feature important product filters at the top of the product list

Have the featured filtering values in the filter sidebar and at the top of the product list. Don’t use banner-like graphics for featured filters Adjust the visual style of the featured filters to match their relative importance by using text links, buttons or visual thumbnails.

#96) Truncate filter values

Truncate filters after about 10 values (truncate if minimum 5 values) Use the site-wide link styling for the truncation link Position the truncation link close to the filter values Add a visual indicator next to the truncation link (an arrow or a +) Fade the last filter value

#101) Display breadcrumbs

Display hierarchical breadcrumbs on desktop. On mobile, have a link to the parent category only. You can also add a “Back to Results” link on desktop if they come from a search.

#102) Have intermediary category pages for the first 1-2 levels of categories which introduce sub-categories

Some of your shoppers need inspiration and guidance to help them make up their mind about which sub-category they’re interested in. Provide thumbnail previews, longer titles, and descriptions for those sub-categories. These components will also clarify categories with ambiguous industry jargon. Feature the sub-categories prominently, at the top of the intermediary c...