#73) Offer upsells and/or cross-sells when adding a product to cart

Here’s a good example of how to offer upsells/cross-sells when adding to cart. This was extracted from a video shared by awesome dude and knowledgeable CRO expert Raphael Paulin-Daigle on his LinkedIn.   See the other two ways he talks about by watching his video on LinkedIn:   Make sure those recommendations are very relevant however. In the example...

#81) When clicking “Add to Cart”, open a modal panel instead of redirecting to the Cart page

This is actually one of Google’s best practices for mobile retail. Logically though, it depends on the type of products you sell in your store. If generally your visitors only buy a single product, you should send them to the cart right away. If they’re likely to buy more than one product, let them continue shopping (don’t disrupt their experience by...

#176) Give navigation options on your Empty Cart page

Similarly to how you present your main categories in the homepage’s categories section.

#190) Show available payment options below the Checkout button

Reassure shoppers who may be wondering if their preferred payment method is supported.  See best practice #112 (Offer multiple payment methods) where I look at the actual payment options made available by big brand stores.