#135) Test social login

Research from 2012 / 2013 reveals that: 86% of people are bothered when needing to create new accounts on websites. 92% of users have left a website instead of resetting or recovering their login. 31% do so frequently. 60% of shoppers are more likely to use social login on mobile 64% of millennials use social login avoid spending time filling out a registration form....

#137) Explain why your shoppers should create an account

Place that statement or bullets in the Sign Up (account creation) page, and in the Order Confirmation page next to the form to create their account.

#138) Avoid email and password confirmation fields in the Account Creation form

Formisimo observed over a two-month period that their password repeat field was responsible for over a quarter of all the people that abandoned their sign up process. Along with a few other changes, they were able to improve their Sign Up page conversions by 55%, and decrease by 24% the number of corrections made in the Confirm Password field. If a form has an email o...

#139) Provide input suggestions for the email field in the Account Creation form

For example, if the user inputs “[email protected]”, the suggestion shown below would be “Did you mean [email protected]?”.

#140) Use low password requirements

According to Baymard’s large scale checkout usability, “strict password rules can cause an 18.75% checkout abandonment rate among existing account users as they try to sign in.” The real problem arises when trying to sign in. If they got forced to create a more complex password and could not use their standard one they generally use, they’re having difficulty ...

#141) Use a visually consistent style for the Account Dashboard cards

Avoid or minimize images as a general rule. Use them only if you want to draw attention to that component.  Use text links and possibly icons.

#182) Provide easy account password recovery

Add a “Forgot your password?” link prominently placed in the account log in form.