If a big percentage of your products with zero reviews, that can hurt your conversions.


I often recommend in the mini-teardowns and audits I do to aim to get 10+ reviews per product, which I believe is enough for shoppers to make an informed decision.


You might say… sure, but how?


Here are some ideas to help you get them:
  1. Place the Write a Review button prominently in the Reviews section
  2. Offer sweepstakes or discounts in exchange for writing a review.
  3. Send an email after delivery to request a review on the product(s) they bought (see best practice #145)
  4. You can go as far as giving away some products in exchange for reviews
  5. Ask for a review on their return visit for the products they bought (see best practice #193)
  6. If you’re reselling products from various brands, you could include reviews from their stores on those products





And some other thoughts on reviews:
  1. Encourage reviewers to add a photo and/or video to their review.
  2. The review should have information about the reviewer, for context (age, size, use for the product…), whatever is relevant for that product
  3. Build trust by having verified reviews.
  4. You can ask them to rate the product on a few attributes (e.g. for a computer screen: Brightness, Screen Quality, Light Weight) and then you can show those attributes in the distribution summary.
  5. If your products have a lot of reviews, it makes sense to add a Sort dropdown, or at least sort the reviews by relevancy (show the most helpful reviews, positive and negative, at the top or in a featured section)