One of the biggest issues I see when looking at stores (especially newer ones) is the lack of categories in the header.

I recommend listing your main product categories in your menu’s level one. Show them directly in the menu (on both desktop and mobile).

In my experience, you can usually fit up to 10 categories in the menu, but less is more. More than 10 items becomes overwhelming. Around 3-7 category menu items is best. If you have too many, show the best selling ones and have a ‘More’ menu item for the rest. 

The exception to this is if you have several other very important pages besides your product categories which you also want to list in the level one of the menu. In that case, you can have a “Shop” or “Departments” or “Products” menu item then the other non-category menu items.

On mobile, make sure those categories and the post-sale menu items (Order Tracking, customer support…) fit on one screen. So you may want to have an expandable “More” item to reduce your total number of menu items.


Some data:

Also, by hiding the product categories under a single menu item, users are likely to accidentally hover another menu item, or leave the hover area (which closes the menu).

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