Are you helping your shoppers choose between your various product options (in the category page)?

Listed below are some ways to do so:
  1. Product ratings
  2. One or some featured products (your best sellers, or recommended products) at the top of the category page
  3. A guide, questionnaire, or wizard to recommend the right product for them based on their responses to a few questions
  4. Relevant sorting & filters
  5. Labels (best seller, new, few left, sale, save X%…)
  6. Live chat


Netflix just added this to their homepage. While it’s not an ecom site, I find this one addition to be good inspiration to help your visitors make a decision.




As I saw this, I thought:

If this movie is part of the Top 10 and #2 in Canada today, it must be good, so I’ll watch it.



Lower on the page they have that Top 10 listed. An interesting thought as to how it applies to an ecom store. This would make me want to test having a top 10 of the products on the store.



How can you leverage social proof and reduce choices to help them make an easier decision?