A sign post to direct your users

After getting introduced to your value proposition with a ‘hero section’ at the top of the homepage, the next step is to help them decide where to go on your site (which category to open). A list of main categories serves that purpose.


I recommend:


Two sections instead of one?

One of things that I find interesting about IKEA’s site is that they feature 3 categories right below the fold. 

IKEA - 1

Then they have a section ‘Shop by Category’ lower on the homepage.

IKEA - 2


The 3 featured categories are the equivalent to a link bar on mobile. Normally I recommend to have something like their ‘Shop by Category’ section right below the fold, but I like how they’ve featured 3 to start with and have a longer list later on.


Icons or photos?

Your thumbnails in the homepage categories section can be icons instead of photos. Crutchfield did this well: