Motivate them to take action

After introducing what your store is about, what is the action you want your shoppers to take? 


Make it descriptive

Avoid labels such as “Shop Now”, “Continue”, … ). In the mini-teardowns I do, I often mentioned that the main CTA button in the hero section should be more descriptive. IKEA is a good example of what to do.

To be fair, IKEA’s hero section is a carousel and each slide is focused on a specific product or offer so it’s easier to have a clearer CTA. It’s harder when the slide or hero image is ‘general’. I understand the temptation of putting only ‘Shop’ or ‘Shop Now’ as the button label.

And to be clear, I definitely do NOT recommend having an auto-rotating hero carousel.


Only one CTA?

Depending on your store structure, you may want to have more than one CTA (for example, “Shop Men’s Shoes” and “Shop Women’s Shoes”).

In this article by VWO, it is mentioned that having just one CTA button in general is best. Their advice is however not specifically for the homepage. NameOn removed distracting CTAs and increased revenue by 11.4% (source)