So if the user searches for a product you do not have in your store, suggest other related, relevant, or popular products.

To be more precise, your No Results page can include some of the following components:


Some thoughts from one of the members of my Ecom Convert group:

I don’t care for this. I’d rather see something that says in a friendly tone ‘I’m sorry we didn’t find that item. Would you like to talk to an agent to see if we can help you find what you want?’ Then a live chat link or offline contact us – bot…

It could be live chat or a phone…email if offline but really instantaneous would work much better

That would add an extra level of service as well as provide more intelligence on what people wanted and didn’t find. While you can get some of that from higher end search engines, what this would do is give you a second shot.


Perhaps they searched for it incorrectly and you have what they actually want. (this then helps you optimize your search engine keywords). Perhaps you have a great substitution. Perhaps this is something you should add to your catalog.


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