On mobile, a link bar is somewhat equivalent to having the main categories showing directly in your desktop header menu.


A bit of data…

Growth Rock saw a 5% increase with 93% statistical significance by adding a Link Bar.

This article mentions two case studies done on link bars:

  • Case study 1: 5% increase in completed orders with 93% statistical significance.
  • Case study 2: 29% increase in orders with 98% significance

According to a pretty old study (2013), content placed above the fold grabs 80% of our attention.

And an eyetracking study by Nielsen Norman group found that 102% more attention is paid to information above the fold, compared to that placed below the fold.

So it’d be fair to assume that the impact of having a link bar is going to be higher than that of a categories section below the fold.


My advice is this:

  1. Put your link bar right below your header and feature some of your main product categories. 
  2. Note that if your link bar is scrollable, only the visible items (without scrolling) are likely to have an increase in visits.
  3. Something to test is to then have a couple of rows in your link bar.

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