The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic created a lot of fears in shoppers. They had concerns and questions that needed to be answered. While the quarantine that ensued was a very unique situation and a first for most countries worldwide, this recommendation can apply to other situations such as holidays, special sales or interruptions in service.


What has been your response to COVID-19? Have you communicated that effectively with your customers?

I looked at what a bunch of big brands have done, and I’m sharing my findings below.




Let’s start with some of the emails I’ve received, either specifically about Covid, or including a mention of Covid. Most of them are in ecom, but I also have a few examples from non-ecommerce companies.



See part 2 (banner) and part 3 (page) for more details.




Quick note on the format of the message: if you can do video, I believe that’s ideal.