One of the members of my Ecom Convert group shared some interesting research about ALL CAPS text in a comment to a mini-teardown last week:


‘Roughly 90% of people find all-capped text to be harder to read, in general.’


with these two articles as sources:



I dug a bit deeper, and I’d like to add some nuance.


In this study (source), they reveal that glanceable text is more readable and faster to ‘glance at’ when in ALL CAPS, and NOT condensed (regular format).


See the example below of ‘glanceable text’:


Glanceable text on your store can be, for example, labels on product thumbnails in your product lists.


In that same article by NN/g, they also confirm that for longer text (titles, subheadings or paragraphs, for example), ALL CAPS isn’t a good idea.


Now what the studies don’t mention is whether slower reading is always a bad thing. I could imagine why having users slow down and take more time to read a heading isn’t such a bad thing. I have yet to find any study about that, however.