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#215 Allow customers to edit their credit card number

PCI compliance prevents stores from saving a user’s credit card number directly. As a consequence, 84% of stores do not allow users to edit the credit number directly. Users are required to add a new credit card and delete the old one. An elegant solution to this problem is to give the illusion that they […]

#214 Specify why the phone number is required

In Baymard’s usability testing: Required but unexplained phone fields were observed to be a direct cause of abandonments for the subgroup of users who are suspicious of a site’s motives.   58% of brands don’t provide an explanation.   Attached below is a poll done by Baymard to 2800 shoppers.     So… Reconsider whether […]

#212 Match the order of credit card fields to the physical card

Baymard reports that 36% of stores don’t! (source) And if the cardholder name is your first field, 33% of users will type their credit card number in it because that’s what appears on their card.   Typically, the order of the information on credit cards is: Credit card number Expiration date Cardholder name Business name […]

#211 Show the cutoff time as a countdown timer

For example: Order in the next 37 minutes to receive your order by Thursday May 28th   This can be displayed either in the Product page, the Cart, or the Checkout. It typically accompanies the selection of shipping type, and is especially relevant for premium shipping options.

#210 Present the Guest Checkout as the prominent option

Give them the choice to sign up or log in to their account, but the guest checkout could be selected by default, and visually attract more attention than the other options. Users expect it in the upper-left on desktop, and on top on mobile. Clearly label the Guest Checkout option (include the word “Guest”)   […]

#209 Highlight the current navigation path the user is in

By navigation path, I mean the menu items in the header (or burger menu) that lead to the current page. For example: Level 1 (directly shown in your main menu): Electronics Level 2: Accessories Level 3: Phone Cases   And even if they know the path they took because they started on the homepage and […]

#206 Use short but descriptive product titles

Avoid cramming your product title with keywords just for the sake of SEO. Make sure they’re readable and easily understandable by a human. Include a benefit or use for the product Include some detail about the current variant (see best practice #62 for more details on variant titles) Separate the title from the brand (see […]