#43) Have relevant dynamic sorting filters in the product category pages


Filters are important for stores with over about 50 products.


Advice for your filters:

  1. Avoid or offer explanations for industry-specific or ambiguous filters
  2. Have visual filters if the values are visually driven
  3. Allow users to combine multiple filtering values of the same type


Examples of sorting options:

  • Price
  • Popularity
  • Relevance
  • New
  • Ratings


IKEA’s approach to sub-categories and filters in a category page is “in your face”. You can’t miss it, and it makes for a clean design for the product list.

However, it pushes down the list of products quite low and you only see two products without scrolling on desktop. It also doesn’t take advantage of larger resolutions. In this case, I’d recommend testing a standard left column (sticky) instead and see what converts better.

I would also test keeping this design but making the filters sticky as you scroll down – and possibly also the categories but in a “mini mega menu” or dropdown like the other filters.

Also, I was surprised to see that IKEA doesn’t allow for sorting by rating.

Which sorting options do you provide?


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