#165) Provide additional list item information on mouse hover


In Baymard’s user testing (source), showing too little information in the list made test subjects do extensive “pogo-sticking” (jumping back & forth between the list and product pages).

Showing too much information leads to overwhelm.


If your niche is visually-driven (apparel, home decor,…), combine:

  • A “cut-out” image by default
  • An “in-context” image on mouse hover

This also gives you a second chance to convince your shoppers, if they’re not convinced with the first image.

… or vice-versa. Just be consistent.


If your products are spec-driven, show more features and specs on mouse hover


Another option is to show product variations:


Yet another option is show Add to Cart and/or Compare buttons:



What about on mobile?

Baymard recommends to simply not include any secondary data in the product list. Take the user to the product page when they tap on the product.



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