#130) Test both a one-page and a multi-page checkout


Test a One-Page Checkout especially if your average order value is low and you’re selling impulse purchases. If you can, split test against a multi-step checkout, because it is not clear which option will yield higher results for your specific industry and store, as evidenced below:

  • One-page checkouts and digital wallets (Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal One Touch) have improved mobile conversion by up to 10% at launch. For Power Support, they say a 26% increase in orders within two weeks after installing Amazon Pay. (source)
  • For GetElastic, single-page checkout outperformed its old multi-page checkout by 21.8%. (source)
  • But multi-step checkouts can help you identify bottlenecks, and be less clutered and overwhelming to look at as it minimizes the amount of information displayed and required at any point.
  • And this article shows that both one-step checkout and multi-step checkouts convert about the same, with perhaps a very slightly higher conversion rate with multi-step checkouts. See the graph attached below.

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